Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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Essentially, the concept of “pay it forward” consists of paying someone else in faith without having any expectations. Paying it forward provides an overwhelming realization that you are doing your part in making a positive difference.

It may seem like your contribution may not help as much as you would want it to but in reality you are doing so much. A lake gets filled up one drop at a time. You know it was Mother Teresa who once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

The always-charitable Oprah Winfrey began a Pay It Forward Challenge in 2006, providing the audience members with $1,000 and a camcorder to record how they gave the money away in acts of kindness. This feeling cannot be matched or sustained by the accumulation of any material possession; it came completely from the free act of goodwill. When you come towards the end of your life, should you reflect upon the amount of money you accrued or the number of lives you touched? I believe the choice is the number of lives you touched and the wonderful positive difference you have made.

On the morning in December of 2012, occurring at a drive-through window of a Tim Horton’s donut and coffee shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a customer paid for her order and then compensated the tab for the driver in the car behind her. Then likewise that driver paid the bill for the following driver in line which continued for the next 226 drivers orders, in a three-hour succession of impulsive generosity.

All acts of financial generosity is biblically promised to set into play an important cascade of generosity in motion in your life (Luke 6:38). How can you get in the game? Try practicing the pay-it-forward philosophy in your own life. You don’t have to be a Mother Teresa to touch lives—start your own pay it forward Through Honk 4 Prayer. Go to our GIVE page now and start your paying it forward and watch how your life will be changed for the better.

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