Knowing that Honk 4 Prayer is an outreach ministry with much of its activities occurring on the streets of our communities, what about when there is inclement weather?

We understand that often weather may affect outdoor activities. The main focus is allowing ourselves to be visible, available, and approachable for individuals who seek prayer. When harsh weather occurs alternative plans will be provided. Our updates will contain all of the necessary information including times and places.


Do donations directly support Honk 4 Prayer Ministries?

100% of the funds go directly to Honk 4 Prayer Ministries and the individuals in which it serves. Check out our missions and know the great needs represented.


If I provide a portion of a tithe or offering each month can I be a partner.

We appreciate all of your much needed support. Whether you give monthly, one lump sum or perhaps you provide support on an annual basis, you are a Partner.


Do you keep my credit card number on file or will I need to present it each time?

Your financial security is a top concern and priority to us. We do not store any credit card number. We remain in communication with all our partners through follow up. This allows us to have precise information working with our partners.


Can a certain amount be debited on a recurring basis from my card each month?

Yes you can choose to have a directed amount to be deducted each month. If you want to provide a check you may enter “Partners” in the memo portion of your check. This will confirm to us your contribution is to be appropriately applied to your monthly pledge.


Can I increase or provide additional funding?

Yes. The need is so great. We appreciate you and your ability to increase donations as the Lord directs. You can choose this to be a monthly increase or a onetime additional offering.


Can a specific date be chosen for my donations to be deducted?

Yes. You can choose a appropriate date that fits your needs when you would like your monthly gift deducted.. Your credit card or debit card can be set to be auto-deducted on your specific day of choosing.


Can I donate all or a portion of my estate to Honk 4 Prayer?

There have been many individuals who have asked this question. Many love this ministry and want to ensure its future through what they see as their last and dearest donation. Any amount will be appreciate whether donate all or a portion of your estate. Contact us for details.


Can I call or email?
Please call us at (8oo) 325- PRAY, or email: partners@honk4prayer.org