What a dynamic opportunity for all church members to strengthen their commitment to God, their home church, and develop a harmonious kinship and devotion to all attendees. This is perfected through a relationship building ministry concluding to an exponentially Christ filled modern day revolution and revival, otherwise known as “Honk 4 Prayer Ministries”.  Honk 4 Prayer reaches deep into all of our communities presenting hope and the Gospel of Christ on individual levels allowing for diversities and differences. It is bringing the church to our streets attracting all people though love and acceptance.

We believe that this is the type of ministry Jesus was wanting for us and He provided the supreme self-sacrificing example.  Jesus brought the church to the people by meeting them where they were and remained completely vulnerable, approachable, and touchable.  It is not surprising that Jesus’ ministry grew without precedence.

Thousands pressed into Him constantly.  He had difficulty finding personal time because even when He withdrew Himself they sought Him without interruption. The Pharisees could not understand why the people flocked to Jesus passing over them without even a glance.  The love of Jesus that He showed formed a type of magnetic synergy that drew all people unto Him.

With amazing speed this is the kind of growth your church will experience. We challenge you to embrace Honk 4 Prayer Ministries as a home missionary outreach.  Now more than ever before there is a need for Christ followers, Christians, to appear approachable and present Christ’s uncontainable joy and unconditional love to our world today.

Honk 4 Prayer Ministries is easy for all churches and individuals to jump in and become involved. To assist you the ministry is offering you a Honk 4 Prayer start-up kit that will contain:

(Size of Kit will vary in relation to church or individual needs)

  • Prayer Study Guide
  • Follow up Guide
  • Customized Witnessing Materials (Tracts)
  • Honk 4 Prayer Graphic Design
  • Honk 4 Prayer T-Shirts, Wristbands, and Bumper Stickers


Churches and individuals are encouraged to embrace this highly effective outreach. You can be a witness right on your street corner in your very own neighborhood effecting the very core and character of your community and your nation.

For more information on this dynamic outreach opportunity submit the form below:

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